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Indian Black Pepper

Indian Black Pepper
Indian Black Pepper
Indian Black Pepper
Indian Black Pepper
Indian Black Pepper
Indian Black Pepper
Indian Black Pepper


Black Pepper

  • Black Pepper is one of the Popular Spices and known as “King of Spices”. In India black pepper is mainly grown in Kerala and Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Konkan, Pondicherry & Andaman, and Nicobar islands.
  • The Botanical name of black pepper is “ Piper nigrum “ and belongs of the family of Piperaceae.
  • The peppercorn is actually the fruit of the plant, and depending on when it is harvested, processed, and dried, it can produce black, green, or white peppercorns.



Harvesting commences from third year onwards. The harvesting season is from November to March. Harvest is done by hand picking the whole spikes when few berries in the spike start turning red. The berries are separated and dipped in hot water (80°C) for one minute and sun-dried for 7 to 10 days.

Varieties of Black Pepper

  • Pepper 450grms-Mg-1: Malabar Garbled Grade 1
  • Pepper 500grms-TGEB: Tellicherry Garbled Extra Bold
  • Pepper 550grms TGSEB: Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold
  • Pepper 600grms 550lt Wt
  • Pepper 700grms MG1 & MG2   


Variety500gl, 550gl, 600gl, 650gl
Size8mm to 10mm bold
Moisture0.5% to 3% Max
Sortex Clean99%
Broken0% Max

Packing & Shipment

Packing Type5, 10, 20, 25, 50 kg PP bags
Loading Capacity15Mt in one 20ft container
Lead time10 to 15 working days
Minimum order qty5MT
Quality AssuranceSGS, Intertek Inspections

Market Information

Growing districtsKanyakumari, Nilgiris, Kolli Hills, Lower pulneys
Major markets in Tamil NaduKanyakumari, Nagarkovil
Preferred varietiesTellichery, Alleppey and Malabar Garbled (MGI)
Grade specificationPungency and aroma

Grade Specifications

Grade DesignationSizeExtraneous matter not exceedingLight Berries not ExceedingMoisture content not exceeding
MG-2 -550lt5.50.5%3%11%

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