Benefits of Agnihotra Dhoop

This Dhoop sticks is 100% natural, It is made from Desi Cow dung & Hawan samagri. The main purpose of this dhoop sticks is to produce abundant Pranavayu (oxygen) and enhance physical, mental & spiritual growth. It does not contain any chemical aromatic agent which produces harmful smoke. -It contains cow dung & cow ghee which produces large quantity of Pranvayu (oxygen) which empowers our nervous system & strengthens thinking & analytical skills. It purifies the air & make entire surrounding pure & spiritually surcharged. -Mental Stress, Depression, Negative thoughts are removed & mind become calm & peaceful. -It contains Neem, Nirgundi, mango wood & camphor which kills bacteria, fangi etc. pathogens in atmosphere. -It lowers the level of indoor air pollutants like SO2 & NO2 which is produce by gas stoves. -It contains sandalwood, Lobhan, camphor & Ushir which absorbs the pre-existing foul odour & replaces with sweet smelling herbal fragrance. -Cow dung, Neem, Camphor, Lobhan drive away evil spirits, black magic or Negative energy from home. -It removes bad planetary influence & Vastudosh Note: To produce maximum pranavayu (oxygen) apply little cow ghee over dhoop sticks before burning it.